(All times in EST)

October 9th

Opening Ceremony 5 PM
Platforms & Schedule Overview 5:15 PM
Hestia Academy Keynote 5:25 PM
Team Formation 5:55 PM
Icebreakers 6:20 PM
Workshop: Intro to HTML/CSS 8 PM
Game: Skribbl.io 8 PM

October 10th

Morning Message 9 AM
Workshop: Intro to Python  10 AM
Workshop: Build an echoAR App  10:30 AM
Game: Among Us 11 AM
Workshop: Intro to JavaScript  1 PM
Panel: Entrepreneurship  3 PM
Game: Makey Makeoff 3 PM
Workshop: Machine Learning  4 PM
Panel: Future of E-Learning  5 PM
MLH Activity: Capture the Flag  6 PM
Game: Minecraft Build Battles  7 PM
MLH Activity: Painting with Bob Ross
8 PM

October 11th

Workshop: Pitching Your Product 12 PM
Submissions Due 2 PM
Game: Codenames 2 PM
Game: Minecraft Village Defense 3 PM
Judging 2-5 PM
Winners Announced/Presentations & Closing Ceremony 5-6 PM


This hackathon is open to all Middle/High School students across the globe.

Teams are limited to 4 individuals.



All submitted projects must state "This project was created for MakeSPP 2020" at the beginning of their video.

Hackathon Sponsors


$7,700 in prizes

1st Place Prize (Xbox Series S, Bugsee Credits, 1Password) (4)

Xbox Series S
$250 Bugsee Credits
6 Months of Premium 1Password

2nd Place Prize (AirPods) (4)

3rd Place Price (MX Master Mouse) (4)

Environment Track (RocketBook) (4)

Education Track (House of Marley Speaker) (4)

Beginner Prize ($25 Amazon Gift Card) (4)

MLH Google Cloud Track (Google Home Mini) (4)

If your project is COVID-19 related, you can also win up to $5000 in Google Cloud Credits.

MLH Domain Track (MLH Backpack) (4)

MLH Hardware Hack Track (Grove Beginner Kit & Arduino Uno R3) (4)

DigiKey (hackp.ac/digi-key) will be providing a Grove Beginner Kit & Arduino Uno R3 for the best hardware hack!

echoAR Track ($50 Amazon Gift Card) (4)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Joshua Berry

Joshua Berry
Database Engineer, Google (SPP '10)

Brendan Bryant

Brendan Bryant
Director of Product, Women's Tennis Association (SPP '08)

Frank Beatrice

Frank Beatrice
Software Engineer (SPP '14)

JC Btaiche

JC Btaiche
Founder, YoungLeaders

Gyan Mishra

Gyan Mishra
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Natalia Dorogi

Natalia Dorogi
Venture Partners, Romulus Capital

Judging Criteria

  • Project Design (1-10)
    Is the project polished and well-thought through?
  • Creativity (1-10)
    Is the project idea original and unique?
  • Technical Accomplishment (1-10)
    How complex is the design and scope of the project, and are there errors that hinder its potential?
  • Impact (1-10)
    What problem does this project solve? Does it make a difference?
  • Connection to Chosen Track (if applicable) (1-10)
    Optional tracks are listed under prizes and on the website.
  • Additional Notes

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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